Why Hundreds of Hawai’i Homeowners Have Trusted Oceanview Roofing…

Choosing a quality contractor for your roof is one of the most important considerations you’ll ever make in the investment of your home.

Peter-300 Hi, my name is Peter Michelmore and I’m the owner of Oceanview Roofing. I’ve been in the roofing business for over 37 years. I’ve been involved in the installation of thousands of roofs over the years, so there’s not much I haven’t seen. I can work with custom metal roofing, aluminum shake and aluminum slate roofing, cedar, clay tile, Monier tile, DOW POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles, and any type of asphalt roofing.

What makes Oceanview Roofing Unique?

Experience and attention to details.

As a company, we’re not going to practice on your roof. We get it right the first time.

We also pay attention to important things that will give your roof a longer life, including: Stainless steel nails that won’t rust out, top quality underlayment (not just felt paper) and custom folded flashings. I personally inspect each job to make sure everything is completed properly and according to code.

Roof Association of Hawaii

Proud winner of the “2015 Residential Metal Roofing Contractor of the Year Award“. Click the link to see the award winning home!

What’s Your Company’s specialty?

Quality. We only use quality materials and pay close attention to details. We have extensive experience working with: Standing Seam Aluminum, Concrete & Spanish tiles, aluminum, wood shakes, asphalt shingles, & flat roof coatings.

How is roofing in Hawai’i different?

In tropical climates, you have to choose a roofing product that will withstand the extremes of strong winds, excessive rain, heat, sun and salt air. Many roofing products will fade, peel, chip or crack in this weather. At Oceanview Roofing, we can guide you through the process to help you find the best quality roofing products that will provide you the best protection possible for your budget.

Call us today at (808) 518-3306 for a no-obligation, FREE estimate for repairing or replacing your roof.

What is the Best Roof For Hawai’i?

 Aluminum Roofing has the best long term value for your investment and Hawaii’s harsh tropical climate.

If you’re like most, your home is your most valuable asset. And you’ll do anything to protect it. Interlock® metal roofs are built to last. In fact, they’re so durable that when you replace your roof with an Interlock® roof, you’ll never have to re-roof again. NEVER.

Our first goal is to provide you with the last roof you will ever need.

Oceanview Roofing is the certified installer for Interlock® Roofing in Oahu. See more details here.


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